Valentino Guest House
Bedřichov 77
468 12, Bedřichov u Jablonce nad Nisou

GPS: 50°47´1.913"N, 15°8´57.412"E

Telefon: +420 734 135 701

Whatever the weather is, there is always very good access from both Liberec (10km) and Jablonec nad Nisou (8km) by car or public transport.

How to get here by car:
When you reach Bedřichov, find a turn-off to the Malinovka Ski Centre (approx. 100m from the municipal office to the right; if you arrive from Liberec; approx 100m from the junction to Josefův Důl to the left, if you arrive from Jablonec), then follow the road for 100m to the Nisa complex, turn left at the T-junction and then follow the road uphill for approx. 400m towards Hraničná, then behind a curve on the left, you will spot the Valentino Guest House. The guest house is located near the ski lift boarding place under the LIAZ ski slope.

Ubytování Bedřichov - Penzion Valentino - novinky

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View the guest house interior. After launching the Street View you can just enter the door and follow the arrows.